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About Us

About Us

WT Capital Trading is a company with physical headquarters in London duly registered under the number 10919165 and in compliance with the UK Legislation. We are a company focused on operations in the Forex Market and Criptocurrencies.
Our activity consists of conducting daily trades through the various instruments and strategies developed by our team of programmers and market analysts, as well as autonomous trades.
Our team has developed over 2 years different strategies to make our operations with profit steady and in a safe way.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a sustainable and profitable system steadily, without risks or unpleasant surprises. Our goal is to work in a totally transparent and honest way.

Portfolio of Investments



About 85% of our operations are conducted through daily Forex trading. Our operations are carried out from Monday to Friday.



We allocate about 10% in cryptocurrencies negotiations. Usually these operations are performed on weekends.



And the remaining 5% are invested in other diverse areas.

Profit with who really works with forex!

Our funds are invested in real Forex trading accounts. We actually do profitable operations.