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150 Days Online

Hello Guys!
Today we are celebrating 150 days online.
We are still at the beginning of our projects.
In a few days you will be able to know and participate in our
projects that are in the final development phase.
Have a nice day
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Hello Guys!
We are working hard to finalize our goals.
The launch period has been delayed 2 or 3 times due to the
construction of new things inside the platform, among
them our exchanger is already being developed with funds from
our Advisors. So when we launch our ICO we will have
other things already working inside the platform.
Have a nice day!
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Hi Guys
Jeremy Here.
Lately were a little away from wtcapital.trade and I apologize for this, but its no reason to despair.
If you follow our updates you will know that we are working hard to run our new project as soon as possible, but delays happen.
So as I said a few days ago, I am not doing forex trading. Thats why profits are below average.
We are finalizing our project, but I still can not define a time, but I can say that we are already 90% ready.
When we are 99% ready I will anticipate the launch and I will communicate here.


Good Morning

Good Morning!
Jeremy Here

Our support email and our chat also had some problems receiving and sending emails.
However, now it is resolved. So, if you have sent some email to our support or through our online chat, do it again,
because we did not receive the previous ones.
In addition, I would like, finally, after a few delays, to present some reports which are almost complete.
The main one will be the sale of our Tokens.
Our goal is to get money to develop our own Exchanger and also to finalize the
development of my robot for arbitrage of cryptos and tokens.
About this, Ill talk later (in 1 or 2 days).
It is also important to say that today, about 86% of all members who invested in wtcapital.trade are already making some profit.
So our project can already be considered positive, because unlike most other sites, we are one of the few that pay more than we receive.
If you have questions about these numbers, ask your affiliates or in forums and communities and you will find
that most members are making some profit.
We will also increase our daily profits from the next few days.

Have a good day


Good Morning!
The last 3 weeks Ive been working on developing a robot for Crypto and Tokens operations.
My robot is based on Arbitrage. Directly this means that it shows in real time the best place (brokerage) to buy and sell Cryptos or tokens.
The concept is quite simple but extremely functional.
Below I will list the link for you to look at how it works.
Obviously, in this DEMO there are only 2 or 3 pairs and only 4 or 5 brokers. In the official version that I am finalizing it is much more practical with about 15 Brokerages, 20 Tokens and 32 pairs of cryptos.
The official version has javascript with websockets to transmit everything without refresh or human intervention.
In addition, it sends out signals of purchase or sale directly to my cell phone or email.
Also important to mention that rates can be set (in the DEMO version it is 0.5%).
My next step is to put it to make the arbitrage operations totally automated.
I believe that by January 10 I must conclude.
Remembering that it is already working and our Cripto trader, Daniel has been using it for about 1 week.
What is the purpose of this robot for wtcapital?
To solve a problem that some members complain about. The change of deposits in units of cryptos to dollars. (Example: 0.001 BTC for $10).
We did this because in Forex they do not pay in crypto units, only in dollars (Ive explained this before).
From 05 or 06 January we will have this option again, that is, if you deposit 1 Bitcoin you will receive 2 Bitcoins and no more in dollars.
However, this will only be for new deposits from the 5th or 6th of January.
Our next step then will be the development of our own exchange and launch of our token that will be added in our exchanger.
Have a nice day


Today there were no forex trades, so the profit will be lower, just a symbolic value.
We will return to normal trading tomorrow.
Wtcapital.trade Team

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
We wish you all a happy and blessed Christmas!
Wtcapital.trade Team

Instant withdrawals for Bitcoin

Important to read!
This refers only to Bitcoin
As everyone knows we have improved our system every day.
Lately many updates have been made on Bitcoin and also on Ehtereum to make them, above all,
automated with instant withdrawals.
Well, all these updates have been made and are now working perfectly.
However, we must understand some things. I will describe them below:
> There is 2 option for withdrawals with Bitcoins:
Instant: You receive the payment almost immediately after the request.
Manual: We will pay manually within 24 hours.
A) Fees for Instant withdrawals:
Bitcoin: 0.0007 BTC
B) Fees for Manual Withdrawals:
0%. We pay the fees.
You can do the configuration on your page of withdrawals
Remember that the fees charged for instant withdrawals are made by the payment processor (coinpayments) and not by us.
Good and not so good:
Instant withdrawals are processed automatically within minutes, however you pay fees.
Manual withdrawals is a bit more time consuming, however you pay no fee.
You choose what is best for you!
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Certificate of Deposit

Certificate of Deposit Available
Some quick updates so we do not extend our news very much.
From now on we have our Certificate of Deposit. See the example HERE
For investments over $100, either through processors or cryptocurrencies, you may request a Certificate of Deposit
that will furthermore serve to ensure that your money will be doubled (200%).
To request your Certificate of Deposit, you only have to provide your Full Name and your Username. Then after that,
within 24 hours we will send you your Certificate of Deposit in PDF file to your email address.
To request your Certificate of Deposit, simply contact us at support@wtcapital.trade, wtcapitaltrade@gmail.com,
contact form, or through our chat.
Best Regards,
Wtcapital Team

New Languages

We added 2 new languages to our platform:
Russian and Vietnamese.
To change the language, simply click on the corresponding flag.
Soon we will make available other languages.
Best Regards,
Support wtcapital.trade


Hi Guys,
Our Forex reports on November 6th (yesterday) are already available at https://wtcapital.trade/trade-reports
Payza was added as a new payment processor on our platform.
Please read our FAQ for more details on deposits and withdrawals through this processor.
Best Regards,


October 30, 2017 - November 03, 2017

Reports from last week are available HERE
Best Regards,
wtcapital Team

Important Message

Hello Guys!

We would like everyone to read this message as it is in the interest of all members wtcapital.trade.
To facilitate your doubts we are making available in the form of questions and answers the main questions that come to us daily through our chat , skype or email.

How much money have you invested in Forex?
We invested about $100,000.00 in private funds at the end of September in an account managed by me (Jeremy).

Who are the investors of this account with $100,000.00?
Funds to fund this account come from 5 investors and friends who join hold 20% each of the wtcapital.trade project. Each of these 5 investors put 20,000.00 out of their own pocket.

What happens to the investments made by members?
Until you accumulate the sum of $100,000.00 in deposits, the funds will only be stored in the payment processors. After the site accumulates this amount, we will open a new account with Forex Brokerage to manage only the funds of our members. Until that happens, we are maintaining the site with our own income obtained daily through our Forex trading.

Who does the operations?
Our algorithm (robot) performs most of our operations. This robot opens and closes operations. The base of the operations of this robot is realized through Martingale. This robot has been properly tested in Real Accounts since June 2016. The monthly average of this robot was between 25% and 45% per month.
However, the USD/JPY (US dollar x Yen) operations are performed by me manually. I usually open trades on this pair after strong tendencies (usually buying) or breaking resistances. Therefore, you can see large profits made on this pair (check out our reports). My hit is over 90%, and currently my operations are only in that pair.

I have seen on your page "trade reports" Forex reports. Are these reports true?
These reports are from REAL ACCOUNTS, as no Forex Broker sends reports from demo accounts to emails (look for information on the internet). Please note that all our reports are automatically sent by the Broker to the end of the day for my email.

I see many investment sites, but most of them after some time run away with our money. Are you going to do that too?
Well, that's a very sensitive question to answer, because I might be lying to you. However, I will be very honest.
I have been researching for the past 2 weeks investment sites and found hundreds, thousands. I noticed that the vast majority of sites that are receiving investments are beautiful, well-developed sites with high visibility, and many of them with attractive investment plans.
However, the vast majority are Ponzi schemes.
There are actually many websites paying high daily incomes and they say doing trades in Forex or with cryptocurrencies. However, I have noticed that none of these websites present real reports or show some understanding about Forex.
In fact, I'm sure most of your administrators do not even know how to open the MT4, MT5 platforms.
Some show reports that any idiot knows it's a lie.
I can put here the following illustration (hypothetically):
Yesterday we invested $50,236.55 in Bitcoin trade. Our profit was 7% and our capital is 10 million dollars. Our profit for the week is 56%. Our monthly profit is 230%.
You got it?
This is a lie! It's a scam.
Who actually operates must check with reports, emails, etc.
Also, be careful, because sites that promise high yields are Ponzi systems.
Systems like this have a single goal:
Get to accumulate as much money as possible, and then simply disappear with the money from your investors.
If you know this, understand, and still continue to participate, you are as guilty as the owner or owners of those sites. Yes, because you are not profiting from something honest, but rather from other members' money (Ponzi system).
In the end, there will always be people who lose money. Usually the majority. We are not so!
Answering the initial question now, we can say that wtcapital.trade does not work that way. We do not promise fixed profits nor time limit for you to have your money doubled (200%). We only pay what we can.
In addition, you can request refund of your money at any time. How many systems do you know that allow you to withdraw your investment ahead of time?
Very few...
Wtcapital aims to accumulate a Fund of its members in the total amount of 5,000,000.00 (5M). After that, we will close our investor group, and then negotiate only for these people.

How long will you be online?
See that it is interesting for us to keep the system, because once your money is doubled (200%), the capital invested by you is OUR. Note that for us it is more profitable to keep the site paying for many years.
Here's an example:
David invested $100 in wtcapital.trade and after 90 days (for illustration only) had his money doubled. David is very happy because he had a $200 return. Your position has expired.
The profits made by David were made from Forex trading. However, the $100 deposited by David is still in the Forex Broker, and now those $100 are ours, forever.
Do you understand now how simple and extremely profitable it is for us to have an honest and paying program?
This is the idea!
Raise funds, distribute profits, and ultimately get the capital invested by our members. In addition, we have a share in daily profits.

Have a nice day



Reports from last week (October 23-27) are available HERE
Best Regards,
wtcapital Team

Ethereum and Neteller available

Neteller and Ethereum are available for deposits and withdrawals.
Best Regards,
wtcapital Team



Below are our reports from last week (Monday to Friday).
Click the link for the day to see the detailed report.


Best Regards,

Wtcapital.trade Team


We started today, October 15, 2017, our project.
We will work honestly and transparently for a long and sustainable system.
Welcome, everyone!
Best Reagrds,
Wtcapital.trade Team

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