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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

In order to maintain our commitment to full transparency and security, we offer a full or partial refund to our members.

However, some rules have to be observed.

- If the member does not have a sponsor. He is entitled to 100% of his deposit on the first day. For the following days it must comply with the rule of proportionality.

- If the member has sponsor of 1st and/or 2nd level he will be entitled to the value of his deposit - commission for sponsor (s). The proportionality rule also applies.

What is the rule of proportionality?

The rule of proportionality is used to sum the total of profits obtained with the capital invested.

The rule of proportionality is quite simple. It works as follows:

If Member "Josh" deposits $100 on January 1st, his daily profit for that day is 1%. Then, member "Josh" will have $1 available to withdraw his daily earnings and $99 to cash out his invested capital. On January 2, your profit is 1.5%. So he will have made a further $1.5 for a total of $2.5 (day 01 + day 02) and the amount he will have available from his initial investment is $97.50 ($100 - $2.50). And so, it will continue until he has $ 0 available from his initial investment, that is, until he gets his investment back.

Note that this is a safe way for any investor to feel secure in our system.

If you want to know more about it contact our support.

Money Back

We offer up to 100% refund to any member who is not satisfied with the system.